Traffic Operational Studies

Traffic Operational Studies are frequently required before the traffic design phase can be performed. These studies ask the why and how of traffic movements on existing roadways, determining their level of service and performance as well as the need for improvements.  Traffic Operational Studies are instrumental for both the public and private sectors. ICON performs data collection and analysis for intersection delay, vehicle speed, signal warrant studies, vehicle gap size, travel time/delay, pedestrian volume, vehicle origin tag destination, and vehicle classifications for state roadways and intersections, traffic impact studies for new developments, concurrency studies, traffic safety/accident issues, pedestrian flow and safety, capacity and traffic flow, signage inventory and analysis, traffic signal timings and preliminary engineering analyses.

ICON has provided traffic operational studies for multiple long-term need-based contracts for FDOT District One, Hillsborough County, and the City of Sarasota. Angelo Belluccia was instrumental in the development of the first triple left-turn movement in central Florida, located in Pinellas County near Carillon.