Safety Evaluations

Traffic Safety Evaluations (TSEs) are a pro-active approach to improving traffic safety and reducing collisions. Evaluations identify potential safety concerns at intersections, corridors and other areas in order to optimize safety and target opportunities for improvement. TSEs can be performed at any stage of a project, and both short- and long-term solutions may be devised based upon need and budgetary concerns. Safety assessments can be made at large and small scales, from the county or city level to project-specific safety or area-specific such as a school zone. Notable projects include FDOT District 7 Community Traffic Safety team and FDOT District 1 SR 542 (Dundee Road, Winter Haven) Mid Block. 

Traffic Safety Evaluations may address the following items:

  • High-collision intersections
  • Inadequate sight-distance
  • Speeding issues
  • Speed-limit posting
  • Red-light running
  • Need for additional traffic control devices (signals, signs, markings, striping)
  • Roadway channelization
  • Traffic circulation
  • Signal timing
  • Access management
  • Traffic calming
  • Speed surveys
  • Traffic record keeping